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New Wangaratta water treatment plant comes online early due to storms

21 December 2018

Last week’s heavy rainfall has seen North East Water switch on a new ground water treatment plant in Wangaratta several weeks earlier than expected.

The new $2M plant treats the groundwater from two deep bores reducing the community’s vulnerability to events affecting the Ovens River.

John Day, Executive Operations, said the plant is located on Kerr Street and was already in the testing phase before the storms hit.

“As the storms created extremely dirty water in the Ovens River, we made the decision to pump treated bore water into town a bit earlier than expected”, Mr Day said.

“Normally turbidity in the river is measured at around 20 NTU, but since the storms we’ve seen that increase to 1200 NTU.

“Our existing plant on Faithful Street isn’t able to extract that much dirt from the water, so we’ve been fortunate to be able to utilise the new plant.”

“Customers may notice tap water may taste slightly different, however, it is safe to drink and meets all drinking water guidelines.”

Mr Day added, “The new plant will increase Wangaratta’s access to a secure and reliable water supply and it has several benefits.”

“Not only can we use it during dirty river events, it allows us to take the main plant off-line at any time to conduct critical infrastructure work.

“During any future droughts, the new plant will also significantly increase our water resilience and will reduce the frequency of harsh water restrictions.”