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Media Release

Water supply enhancements begin for Moyhu

1 August 2023

North East Water is making significant progress with its regional master planning progress which includes towns like Moyhu in the King Valley system. The master planning has identified infrastructure upgrades are needed to ensure water security and water quality for current and future generations.

These upgrades for Moyhu will include installing a new on-ground storage tank, new pumps and a generator for back-up energy supply. While the town's water tower structure will be retained, it will be removed from service.

Crews may be seen conducting commissioning activities for the project around town during the week. While most of the works will take place within North East Water locations, some works may include needing to access hydrants within town.

General Manager, Planning and Infrastructure, Guy Wilson-Browne, said it was important for the community to understand there are no plans to remove the water tower.

"The tower was constructed in the 1960s and has served the community well. However, the storage capacity is not large enough to continue servicing the town into the future," Mr Wilson-Browne said.

"We are installing a new storage tank, which will significantly increase the volume of water we can store. This is a permanent, long-term solution to ensure the township has continued access to a quality water supply."

During initial activities, it's possible that some customers may expedrience pressure fluctuations, as pumps are tested. Also, some customers could observe mains flushing occurring.

"We thank customers for their patience as we progress these vital infrastructure works for the community of Moyhu," Mr Wilson-Browne said.