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Building and renovating

Building and renovating

Building a new structure on your property? You'll need our permission if it’s over a water or sewer main. Apply for a build over easement here.

We own hundreds of kilometres of pipes and other types of assets that are protected by easements. Easements help us maintain access to the community’s water and sewerage network in case repairs or maintenance are required. If you have an easement on your property, it will be registered on your land title.

Before building or extending a structure over an easement (or within one metre of the edge of a North East Water asset) it’s important to gain our written approval.

A structure may include:

  • garages or carport
  • shed
  • patio
  • deck
  • building eaves
  • retaining wall
  • fence
  • water tank
  • concreting/paving
  • driveway
  • pool, spa, sauna
  • tennis court or bowling green
  • other excavation and landscaping 

We will not allow a house or residential dwelling to be built over, or within one metre, of an asset.

If you’re not sure about what you can build on or near our assets, please call our team on 1300 361 622.

How do I get approval?

Use our online build over easement application or call us on 1300 361 622.

Apply for a build over easement