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Conveyancer or solicitor

Conveyancer or solicitor

Apply for a water information statement or special meter read.

Conveyancers and solicitors should request an information statement from North East Water when processing a property sale or purchase. It will provide the outstanding balance owing on the property up to the date of settlement and other relevant information including encumbrances or available services.

The statement may include estimated water usage, based on the historical usage at the property. For an extra fee, we can arrange a special meter read to determine actual water consumption.

Information Statements and Special Meter Reads will be provided in five business days. A standard asset plan will be included at no additional charge when requested. Use the button below to request an information statement or special meter read.

Property information, including title, survey, valuation and property sales, property certificates and planning certificates can also be obtained through Landata.

Apply for a Water Information Statement and/or Special Meter Read

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