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12/01/23 Discoloured drinking water issue in Wodonga

12 January 2023

North East Water has had several customers call us over the past few days reporting discoloured water coming from their taps.

We believe the discolouration is caused by sediment in the mains that is being dislodged by the increase in water usage during the hot weather.

We sometimes see this issue during summer periods, however this year is more of a challenge due to the lower water usage of the previous two summers leading to a build-up of sediment.

Our team has been mains flushing in several problem areas to help clear the issue.

Please be assured that despite the discolouration, Wodonga’s tap water is safe to use, and continues to meet drinking water standards.

For those customers affected by any discoloured water, we’re encouraging them to run the tap at the front of the property for a few minutes until the water is clear.

If it doesn't clear, people should call us on 1300 361 644 at any time so we can investigate further.

We remind customers to call us immediately for any fault regarding water or sewer services, including dirty water, taste or pressure issues, burst water mains, leaking water meters or sewer spills.