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Accredited consultants

Accredited consultants

Information about becoming an accredited consultant to North East Water.

We're taking steps to ensure that our property development applications align with the requirements of the National Engineering Register and industry best practices, while also improving efficiency.

To achieve this, we will be establishing a panel of pre-approved accredited consultants to undertake property development work. This will ensure that all consultants working on our projects possess the necessary qualifications, skills, and experience to undertake the work required.

We provide notice of this impending change to allow consultants time to make any necessary arrangements.

Further details setting out requirements for accreditation will be provided, but at a minimum, consultants will need to demonstrate proof of:

  • public liability, professional indemnity, and work cover insurance policies
  • staff having relevant qualifications and experience to undertake property development design and project management work
  • at least one employee listed on the National Engineering Register who would be responsible for signing-off on all design plans.

Consultants will also be required to enter into a written consultant accreditation agreement with North East Water.

If you have any questions regarding these changes, please contact our property development team at or 1300 361 622.