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Myrtleford sewage treatment plant upgrade

25 February 2019

Myrtleford’s sewage treatment plant is getting an environmentally friendly makeover.

Executive Planning and Infrastructure, Kevin Freeman said the Corporation is investing $3 million on upgrading the facility on Great Alpine Road.

“The work is being done to improve the plants performance through improved monitoring and control, along with with the installation of wetlands to provide more energy efficient and environmentally friendly treatment outcomes”, Mr Freeman said.

“We’re converting parts of existing lagoons to shallow wetland areas for aquatic plants.

“This wetland approach mimics the natural environment and is a low cost, passive way of providing a final treatment and polishing process for sewage.

“It is expected to result in a reduction of chemicals and power being used during the treatment process”.

Mr Freeman added, “We are also installing improved monitoring and control systems at the plant which will allow us to improve how it operates and in turn make it more energy efficient.

“A more efficient use of power not only decreases our operating costs, but also importantly reduces the Corporation’s carbon footprint.”

Construction works are expected to be complete by the end of June, with the establishment of the wetland aquatic plants to be undertaken in spring following the end of the frost season.