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Step Seven

Step Seven

Statement of compliance


To formally accept the water and/or sewer infrastructure assets constructed by the developer. North East Water takes ownership of the asset/s and is responsible for the maintenance and daily operation of the asset.

Key topics for consideration

  • Have all fees and charges been paid?
  • Has the As Constructed drawing been approved by North East Water’s Growth and Development and GIS? 
  • Has an amended plan of subdivision been certified, if applicable?
  • Has consent to Statement of Compliance been loaded onto Surveying and Planning through Electronic Applications and Referrals (SPEAR) to notify relevant parties?

Our role

  • Ensure all North East Water requirements, financial obligations or documentation, have been fulfilled according to the Developer Agreement, associated guidelines, and engineering standards
  • Notify the Responsible Authority via SPEAR and/or letter that all North East Water requirements have been fulfilled and that North East Water offers our consent to issuing Statement of Compliance 
  • Liaise with North East Water’s GIS Department to include the infrastructure on the mapping system
  • Notify appropriate internal departments that North East Water has accepted additional infrastructure and request they complete any internal audits or water quality checks, as appropriate 
  • Notify the Country Fire Authority (CFA) that the infrastructure is now a North East Water active asset.

Key stakeholders

  • Developers
  • Developer’s Consultants (planners, surveyors, engineers)
  • Local Government Authority
  • Country Fire Authority
  • North East Water

Key Documents