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Step Three

Step Three

Plan certification of subdivision/consolidation


To seek consent from the Responsible Authority and Referral Authorities for a plan for the subdivision or consolidation of land for the creation, variation or removal of easements. As required under the Subdivision Act 1988 and/or the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

Key topics for consideration

  • Are applicable easements shown over existing North East Water sewer and water infrastructure?
  • Are applicable easements shown for proposed sewer and water infrastructure?
  • Are all lots in the subdivision shown on the plan?
  • Are any roads and/or reserves vested in North East Water?
  • Is there a reference to a Sect 12(2) or Owners Corporation subdivision?
  • If a Section 12(2) does the plan of subdivision meet North East Water’s requirements?
  • If an Owners Corporation subdivision, is a Schedule attached?
  • Has a detailed design plan been received for comparison?

Our role

  • Review subdivision plan to ensure appropriate easements, notations and schedules are in place.  Includes consideration of the long-term liability and risk to North East Water.
  • Compare the subdivision plan with the detailed design plan to verify the location and size of required easements, lot and infrastructure layout.
  • Respond to the Responsible Authority either certifying, or advising, that amendments are needed to the plan of subdivision. If amendments are needed, North East Water will liaise with the Consultant to have plan of subdivision amended. The amended subdivision plan must be certified by North East Water prior to the Statement of Compliance.

Key stakeholders

  • Developers
  • Development Consultants (planners, surveyors, engineers) 
  • Local Government Authority
  • North East Water