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Fees and charges

Fees and charges

Our tariff structure has been reviewed and approved by the Essential Services Commission.

Water and sewage services play a significant part supporting our standard of living and protecting public health. The cost of providing these services is paid by our customers. 

The prices are approved by the Essential Services Commission who are the independent economic regulator appointed by the State Government, and generally change on 1 July each year.

Your bill pays for:

  • High quality treated drinking water, 24/7.
  • Removing wastewater from your property and treating it safely and sustainably.
  • Maintaining water and sewer network infrastructure.
  • Renewing or replacing pipes as they can deteriorate over time.
  • Building major infrastructure projects to meet the needs of our growing region.

View our fees and charges here

Landlords and tenants – who pays?

  • In general, landlords of residential properties pay service charges.
  • Tenants pay water usage charges.