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Step Four

Step Four

Engineering design plans


To ensure the engineering design plan submitted conforms to North East Water and WSAA standards and requirements. Use of North East Water’s Checklist for Subdivision Design Drawings is recommended as a guide as it contains many of the requirements outlined in North East Water’s Engineering Guidelines manuals.

Key topics for consideration

  • Are the design plans in accordance with North East Water and WSAA guidelines, standards and requirements?
  • Has the plan been reviewed by the applicable Operations Staff and other interested North East Water departments?
  • Has the review been completed and comments returned within 30 days of receipt of design plan?
  • Has the Developer Agreement been countersigned and returned? 
  • Has a Subdivision Plan been certified?
  • Once accepted, has the design plan been returned to the consultant along with the acceptance letter and the Practical Completion checklist?

Our role

  • Review the design plan and provide comments within 30 days from receipt of the design plan
  • Process the Developer Agreement and return a copy of the countersigned Agreement to the Consultant or Developer
  • Approve and return the stamped plans to the designer once the Developer Agreement has been countersigned, the Plan of Subdivision certified, and the design plans are deemed compliant with NEW and WSAA requirements.

Key stakeholders

  • Developers
  • Development Consultants (planners, surveyors, engineers)
  • North East Water

Key documents