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Step Two

Step Two

Planning application


To seek planning approval for the use and development of land from the Responsible Authority and to obtain permit conditions from the Referral Authorities. It provides the opportunity for North East Water to include permit conditions under Section 55 and/or to comment (including objection) under Section 52.

Key topics for consideration

  • Is the land in the declared water and/or sewer districts? If so, what approvals will be needed for the works to proceed?
  • Are there any planning overlays and buffer zones that affect the conditions and/or comments?
  • Will the infrastructure (civil and/or mechanical) needed for the development require upsizing to increase the capacity for future growth?  If so, this will financially impact North East Water and therefore requires formal commitment from North East Water and funding will need to be secured
  • Are there any constraints due to the land parcel elevation?
  • Are easements in adjoining land required as part of subdivision? If so, the developer is to process creation of easement document/s and at their cost. 

Our role

  • Review planning application to determine appropriate comments and/or conditions 
  • Advise the Responsible Authority, in writing, of appropriate comments and/or conditions to be applied to planning application
  • Initiate, if applicable, the formal commitment process to obtain funding for upsizing of infrastructure
  • Liaise and assist developer with creation of easement/s process
  • Liaise with developer regarding North East Water’s Build Over Water Asset and/or Easement process.

Key documents

Key stakeholders

  • Developers
  • Development Consultants (planners, surveyors, engineers)
  • Local Government Authority
  • North East Water