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Water meter assembly

Water meter assembly

Information on water meter assembly.

Metering of multi tenement properties

  • All strata title properties (Owners Corporation) are to be separately metered.  Please note separate water tappings are not required
  • A common control valve is to be installed to the service within 300mm inside the boundary.  From this point a manifold of meters, each with individual control valves and backflow prevention is to be installed to serve each tenement
  • The Owners Corporation may have a meter to service common property
  • Non strata multi tenement properties may be metered at the owner’s discretion in the above way is so desired.  However, if metered through one common meter, each unit is to have control valves installed (as per Plumbing regulations AS 3500)

Downsizing of water meters

  • Downsizing a water meter is allowed under certain circumstances, however it must not cause harm to the meter in peak water use periods or restrict flow to the property.
  • For a customer to achieve lower billing through a meter downsizing, the Plumber’s Certificate of Compliance with pipe sizing as formulated in the AS 3500 Water Supply and the Corporation’s past records of water consumption to the property will be considered.
  • If approved, the new water meter will be provided at no cost, but the owner is responsible for the installation costs using a licensed plumber.