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Connections to our water and sewer network.

All connections to North East Water’s assets need to be carried out in a consistent manner and comply with the Corporation’s requirements and other relevant legislation.

  • The owner, builder or plumber can lodge an application to install a water service or connect or make alterations to the sewer service.  Please ensure you include all relevant details and if necessary, a plan of the proposed works/structures
  • Please note the plumber shall provide, erect and maintain all barricades, signs and lighting as the relevant Authority or municipality may require.  The plumber is also responsible for obtaining any permits required such a Road Opening Permit, and the location of other services from Dial before you Dig
  • For sewer connections/alterations, the plumber shall submit an “as laid” field note drawing to North East Water within five days of the drainage works being completed, including; the tie from two boundaries for the connection point, the location and distance of the I.O, the location and distance of the ORG/reflux valve, showing all new/altered sanitary drains, and all details must be legible.

Please see our connection guidelines for detailed information here.