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Private water lines

Private water lines

How to apply for a private waterline.

Private waterlines or water supply by agreements can be requested through the Property Services team at or calling 1300 361 622.

Agreements are required when:

  • our reticulation system does not front a consumer’s property and the consumer can only obtain supply by installing a private water line, or
  • a consumer wants to obtain a supply of non-drinking water from a supply main between a water source and a water treatment plant, or
  • a consumers property is outside a declared Water District.

Any agreement to supply water outside a declared Water District must be approved by the Water Minister and we cannot supply water to a consumer until this approval is given.

Applications will be considered with the following criteria:

  • impact on North East Water’s bulk entitlement for individual systems and supply capacity ability
  • ensuring that a new application will not disadvantage current customers or the needs of potential customers
  • risk to the integrity of our infrastructure
  • service standards relevant to the applicant and/or existing customers
  • the purpose for which the water is to be used
  • ongoing issues for North East Water.

If a request for a water supply is successful, a licensed plumber must install the private water line extension to meet relevant regulations and standards. These include:

  • consideration of backflow prevention to meet AS3500
  • a water meter is fitted as near as practical to the tapping point on the Corporation’s water main.