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North East Water has developed a number of policies to reflect our commitment to customers, communities and staff.

Customer Service Policy

This Policy is outlines our Customer Service Principles as all our current Customer Service Policy Statements.


Customer Support Policy

Our Customer Support Policy ensures that customers who are experiencing temporary or permanent financial difficulty are treated with dignity and respect.


Domestic and Family Violence Policy

North East Water has developed this policy for customers and employees experiencing domestic and family violence, with the safety of our customers and employees being paramount.


Dams Policy

Our Dams Policy ensures that our dams and storages are managed and operated as required by our Statement of Obligations.


Protected Disclosures Policy

Our Protected Disclosures Policy ensures transparency and accountability in our administrative and management practices, and supports the making of disclosures that reveal improper conduct.


North East Water is committed to the aims and objectives of the Protected Disclosures Act 2012. It does not tolerate improper conduct by its employees, officers or members, nor nor the taking of reprisals against those who came forward to disclose such conduct.

North East Water will take all reasonable steps  to protect people who make such disclosures from any detrimental action in reprisal from making the disclosure.

North East Water is committed to encouraging staff to disclose improper conduct by:

  • being visible, approachable, opening communicating and leading by example
  • being clear about what conduct is unacceptable
  • raising awareness within North East Water of responsibilities to disclose and how to do this
  • advising staff of their right to disclose
  • making sure that there is information readily available on how to make a disclosure, and ensuring staff members are familiar with these procedures and codes of conduct
  • letting staff know that they can seek advice confidentially and anonymously for North East Water's Protected Disclosure Coordinator
  • reassuring staff that detrimental action will not be tolerated and they will be protected
  • ensuring North East Water handles protected disclosures consistently and appropriately.


Find our Customer Service Policy, Customer Support Policy, Dams Policy and Protected Disclosures Policy here.