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North East Water has developed a number of policies to reflect our commitment to customers, communities and staff.

Customer Service Policy

This Policy is outlines our Customer Service Principles as all our current Customer Service Policy Statements.


Customer Support Policy

Our Customer Support Policy ensures that customers who are experiencing temporary or permanent financial difficulty are treated with dignity and respect.


Domestic and Family Violence Policy

North East Water has developed this policy for customers and employees experiencing domestic and family violence, with the safety of our customers and employees being paramount.


Dams Policy

Our Dams Policy ensures that our dams and storages are managed and operated as required by our Statement of Obligations.


Public Disclosures Policy

We value transparency and accountability in our organisation’s practices and do not tolerate corruption or misconduct from our Board members or employees or from those who are engaged to provide services to us or on our behalf.

The Public Interest Disclosures Act 2012 (PID Act) aims to:

  • encourage and facilitate the making of disclosures of improper conduct and detrimental action by public officers and public bodies
  • provide certain protections for people who make a disclosure or those who may suffer detrimental action in reprisal for a disclosure
  • ensure that the identity of the person making the disclosure and the content of that disclosure is kept strictly confidential

What is a public interest disclosure?

Public interest disclosures are reports about:

  • improper conduct of public bodies or public officers (such as corrupt conduct)
  • detrimental action that a public officer or public body has taken against a person in reprisal for them (or another person) having made a public interest disclosure or cooperated with the investigation of a public interest disclosure.

How do I make a disclosure?

Disclosures about North East Water or our employees, officers or members must be made directly to the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) at GPO Box 24234, Melbourne 3001 or call  1300 735 135.

North East Water is not able to receive disclosures under section 13 of the Act.

North East Water has a procedure as required under section 58 of the Act. This procedure sets out how we protect people against detrimental action that might be taken against them in reprisal for making a public interest disclosure or cooperating in an investigation into a public interest disclosure.


Find our Customer Service Policy, Customer Support Policy, Dams Policy and Protected Disclosures Policy here.