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Bulk treated water is available for water carriers, contractors or property owners via our standpipes. 

North East Water has a number of standpipes where bulk treated water can be obtained by water carriers, contractors or property owners not connected to the town water supply.

How to apply for access to standpipes

We will assess an application and provide one of the following key types:

Account key

An account key is used by large, commercial water carriers. The system records details each time a standpipe is accessed including the date and time, the location of standpipe and the volume taken. An invoice will be sent by Avdata at the end of each month. Each account key costs $35 and must be collected from our Wodonga head office as billing details and signature are required.

Prepaid key

A prepaid key is designed for customers who take smaller volumes of water from one or more nominated standpipes. A customer can purchase a key for $50 which includes $15 of water pre-loaded onto it. Water can then be taken until the limit on the key is reached. Keys are recharged online at or via phone (phone admin fee applies). Pre-paid keys can be collected from our Wodonga head office or we can arrange delivery.

Recharge here

Connecting to the standpipe

The standpipes allow ground level filling only as they do not have an overhead outlet. Each standpipe is fitted with a Victorian CFA thread male outlet and the customer must connect to the standpipe using a hose with a female CFA fitting.

Apply here

Location of standpipes

  • Baranduda – Boyes Road
  • Beechworth – Harper Avenue
  • Bellbridge - Lake Road
  • Benalla – Saleyards Road
  • Bright – Great Alpine Road (Freeburgh)
  • Chiltern – Crawford Street
  • Glenrowan – Wangaratta-Glenrowan Road
  • Kiewa – Kiewa East Road
  • Myrtleford – Buffalo River Road
  • Rutherglen – Audley Street
  • Springhurst – Canning Road
  • Tallangatta – Wagara Street
  • Wangaratta North – Wangaratta-Eldorado Road
  • West Wodonga – Old Barnawartha Road
  • Yackandandah – Twist Creek Road
  • Yarrawonga – South Road
Or you can view the exact locations on the interactive map below.

Standpipe instructions

Operating instructions for using a North East Water (AVDATA) standpipe filling system. 

1. Connect hose to the outlet using a hose with a female CFA fitting.












2. Identify the control box












3. Touch access key against the read head on the top left corner of the control panel.












If the key is valid for use (sufficient credit), then the SELECT OUTLET indicator will be lit.

4. Press the ON button to begin water flow.

5. Adjust flow using tap on outlet. 

6. Press the OFF button when finished.

* If prepaid credit limit is reached then water flow will be switched off and the NOT VALID Indicator will be lit. The key will need to be recharged.


Boyes Road


Harper Avenue


Lake Road


Saleyards Road


Great Alpine Road (Freeburgh)


Crawford Street


Glenrowan Road


Kiewa East Road


Buffalo River Road


Audley Street


Canning Road


Wagara Street

Wangaratta North

Wangaratta - Eldorado Road

West Wodonga

Old Barnawartha Road


Twist Creek Road


South Road