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Frost and meters

Frost and meters

Water meters that sit above the ground are vulnerable to freezing when temperatures are below zero.

Where do I collect my free water meter cover?

You can collect your free water meter cover from our head office in Wodonga (83 Thomas Mitchell Drive).

Why do meters and pipes freeze?

Some water meters and pipes are exposed and sit above the ground so they are vulnerable when temperatures are below zero. When water freezes it expands, which can cause a water meter to burst or pipes to split.

How do I thaw my meter and pipes?

If your water meter or water pipes do freeze, the best solution is to wait for the temperature to rise and to naturally unfreeze.

You may be able to find another source of water to pour over the frozen meter or pipe, but never use hot water or it could cause pipe to split. Lukewarm water should be used but it’s better to avoid the situation and protect your water meter from the frost.

How do I protect my meter from frost?

Cover your water meter with something that traps the air around it such as a cardboard box or upturned bucket. You must make sure that any cover you use can be removed easily for meter reading and maintenance.

What do I do if my meter breaks or splits?

Call us on 1300 361 644 to report any problem with your meter. We will arrange a replacement.

What do I do if my pipes split or break?

It is your responsibility to repair damage to pipes on your side of the water meter. Call a licensed plumber to arrange for repair.

If the pipes are on North East Water’s side of the meter (that is, the water supply before your meter), please contact us immediately on 1300 361 644 to arrange for repair.


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