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Submit a meter reading

Submit a meter reading

Send us a meter reading if we haven't been able to access your meter.

Sometimes we are unable to access your water meter due to a locked gate or dog. If our meter reader visited your property and was not able to read your meter, or you received an estimated meter read on your latest bill, you can submit your meter reading using the below form, by emailing or calling us on 1300 361 633.

Submit a reading here

How to read your water meter

Water meters record the amount of water you have used in kilolitres and litres. Some meters may look different from this diagram but are likely to be similar. All meters record the same information. The black numbers on the white background are kilolitres (some meters may display up to six digits) and the white numbers on the red background are litres.

When you contact North East Water with the meter reading, you will also need to let us know your meter number.


Your water meter measures how much water you use. At most properties, the water meter is located right at the front.

Understand your water meter