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Waterwise garden gallery

Waterwise garden gallery

We are showcasing north-east Victoria's most waterwise gardens. These are the gardens of proud, water efficient gardeners from across the region.

Your waterwise tips

  • "Mulch is crucial to reducing water usage in the garden. I mulch every Spring for best results." - Nick, Beechworth
  • "I use drippers in my garden as they are more efficient way of getting water to plants compared to sprinklers." - Joan, Myrtleford
  • "Plant more succulents - they use far less water than other plants." - Heidi, Wodonga

Send us you photos

You can send us a photo of your water efficient garden via the button below.

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Looking for more inspiration for a water wise garden?
Use the resources of 'Smart Water Mark' for some great gardening tips or read the 'It's Only Natural' booklet about gardening in the north-east.

Smart Water Mark It's Only Natural