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In the garden

In the garden

Be a water-wise gardener.

Outdoor water use accounts for 25-50% of the average Australian home’s water use and is an area where huge amounts of water are wasted.

Here are a few simple things you can do to save water in the garden and outside the home.


Visit the Smart Garden Watering website to help calculate how much water your garden needs and explore ways of watering your garden more efficiently.

Install a rainwater tank

Capturing rainwater to use in your garden is an excellent way to reduce the amount of drinking water you use. Discuss your options with your local licensed plumber, who will also have to complete the installation.

Mulch your garden

Mulching provides excellent nutrients to your plants and will reduce natural evaporation by up to 70%.

Washing the car

Use a bucket and sponge to wash the car and do it on the lawn instead of the driveway. When rinsing, use a hose with a trigger nozzle.

Swimming pools

Cover your pool to reduce evaporation and keep dirt and leaves out. Check the pool for leaks.