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Beechworth sewer improvement

Beechworth sewer improvement

We're working towards changing parts of Beechworth's sewer system to help resolve the town's sewer capacity issues during heavy rain events.

Project catch-up

Sewage transfer main project

Planning for this project began in 2016 and involved an extensive community engagement process. The project is necessary to address sewer overflows from an outlet structure on Church Street to the Historic Park. The existing pipe system that transfers sewage to the treatment plant is not able to cope with the infiltration of storm water during heavy rain events. By installing a larger transfer pipe, it will allow more inflow and protect against sewer spills.

The project involves construction of a new pipe from the bottom of Church Street, along Last Street, Sydney Road and Old Chiltern Road, then under the Historic Park to the sewage treatment plant on McFeeters Road near Woolshed Falls. A new pump station is also being constructed at the bottom of Church Street.

Sewage treatment plant upgrade plan

We have recently completed further planning work on options to upgrade Beechworth’s sewage treatment plant. The upgrade is expected within the next 10 years and will be necessary to take extra flow from the new transfer main, as well as accommodate future population growth.

We have identified several upgrade options and will soon be holding two feedback sessions to discover the community's preferences. Further detail on these sessions will be available soon.

Current status

Sewer line installation

The installation of the new sewer transfer main through Beechworth is nearing completion, with just a small length of pipe to be installed on Old Chiltern Rd. You may notice some areas along the route are still cordoned off. This measure will remain in place until the area is fully reinstated or the soft ground conditions are no longer an issue. The installed works and reinstatement conditions will be monitored for a further 12 months after construction is complete. Works to connect the new main at the wastewater treatment plant are expected to commence in the new year.

Church Street pump station

Construction of a new pump station at the bottom of Church Street is nearing completion with electrical components now being installed. When completed, the pump station will be used to push sewage through the new transfer main along Last Street to Sydney Road. Sewage will then gravitate to the existing wastewater treatment plant. Some further site works on the access road, pit works, rehabilitation and general landscaping will follow in the next few months.

System commissioning

Once the pipe and pump station are connected and completed, full commissioning of system will be undertaken. This process is expected to be completed by the middle of 2023.

Communications Pole Construction

A communications upgrade is required at the pump station to allow for 24/7 digital monitoring and control. Several options have been considered with a communications pole chosen as the best way to provide stable and reliable digital communications. The pole with be 18 meters high and approximately 35cm diameter at its base, tapering to a  9cm diameter at the tip. It would be mid-hinged allowing it to be folded down for work and maintenance. The pole would be painted a eucalyptus green to allow it to blend into the landscape. Approvals for the construction of the pole will be assessed by Indigo Shire Council and Parks Victoria.

This is an example of the type of pole that is being proposed (taken at our water treatment plant in Yackandandah).

Community Consultation

We started our community engagement regarding this project back in 2016. This involved multiple community meetings and workshops through to 2019, as well as regular project updates to interested residents and community drop-in information sessions. Detailed minutes of all our meetings and previous community newsletters can be found in the project documents section.

Frequently Asked Questions

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More information

You can contact North East Water Project Manager Nicole O’Keefe on 1300 361 622 or via email on

Project documents

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