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Home owner occupier

Home owner occupier

Buying or selling a property in our service area? You don't need to let us know.

North East Water will be notified by your solicitor or conveyancer if you have purchased or sold a property as part of the settlement process.

Water and sewerage services are never switched off. You don’t need to contact us to have your water connected.

Once you receive a letter from North East Water confirming you as the new owner, you can call us to update your contact details, including your concession card and payment method.

The settlement process when you’re moving out

Simple points for you to know:

  • Your solicitor or conveyancer will request a Water Information Statement from North East Water including water and sewerage information about your property. That statement will include any outstanding charges that are payable at settlement.
  • We won’t send you a final bill. We will transfer the responsibility of the account and any unpaid charges to the new owner as part of the settlement process.
  • Your solicitor or conveyancer will incorporate any unpaid charges into the property settlement.

A word of advice

While you are not obliged to have a special meter reading before settlement, we strongly recommend that your solicitor or conveyancer obtains a reading. With this final reading you can ensure that the final sale amount is based on the amount of water you have actually used, instead of an estimate.