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Kiewa Tangambalanga Growth Project

Kiewa Tangambalanga Growth Project

Information about how North East Water is addressing development growth and capacity challenges in Kiewa-Tangambalanga.

Project overview

North East Water is investing $30 million in water and sewerage projects in the Kiewa-Tangambalanga area in response to rapid growth in recent years.

This work is expected to improve water and sewer capacity, along with water pressure, and is being staged to address both the immediate and long term needs of the community.

Current status

Completed works

We have been planning for several years to address capacity and pressure issues.

Completed works to date include the construction of a one kilometre new water main along Huon-Kiewa Road and a temporary pump station to increase water supply to each town.

We have also installed larger pumps at the Tangambalanga sewer pump station to get the maximum out of this facility.

These works cater for the current customer demand.

Future planned works

North East Water has committed to fully upgrading both water and wastewater systems at Kiewa-Tangambalanga over the next 8 years to service long term growth.

This work involves:

  • installation of large trunk water mains
  • construction of a large water storage tank
  • installation of gravity sewer mains in Tangambalanga
  • construction of a larger sewer main between the towns
  • a major sewer pump station upgrade
  • construction of a 14km sewer main to Baranduda.

We will continue to work closely with Indigo Shire, developers and the community to support the townships through the planning, consultation and construction process.

Long term planning

While we are investing the $30 million in Kiewa-Tangambalanga, we are also in the process of developing a masterplan to identify the infrastructure needs for the whole region for next 50 years.

Managing development

When development grows rapidly it can put pressure on water and sewerage services.

Along with North East Water’s significant investment, developers are responsible and need to commit to investing in water and sewer infrastructure for their developments.

For example developers, as a condition of approval, can be required to install tanks to ensure water pressure is maintained in their development.

Developers are encouraged to continue to engage with us early to discuss options for their development.

Emergency incident support

North East Water has held discussions with the CFA’s Assistant Chief Fire Officer regarding firefighting plans for the Kiewa-Tangambalanga community.

Firefighting responses sit with the CFA, and North East Water meets its obligations in supporting local brigades during emergency incidents.

North East Water’s drinking water reticulation systems are only designed to meet the requirements of the Water Act which does not cover firefighting needs.

We collaborate with the CFA in developing its emergency response plans for all communities in north-east Victoria, as well as new housing developments.

Our team will also continue to brief the CFA on the future growth areas within our service region.

Bushfire preparedness

No matter what town you live in across our region, during any bushfire, North East Water may not be able to maintain mains water supply or water pressure.

When preparing your fire plan, please consider an independent water supply – the CFA recommends a minimum of 10,000 litres with a non-electric pump to protect your home.

Visit this page for more information about how North East Water preapres for natural disasters. 

Community consultation

The community will have an opportunity to be consulted on this project over the coming months in the form of community newsletters, letters to residents, online community project briefings and the opportunity to connect with the project team directly either face to face or online.   

You are welcome to contact our engagement lead for the project, Lee Morton, for all enquiries on 0488 603 322. To keep up to date on the project, you can register to join the project email list here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What will the upgrade consist of?
The project will consist of upgrading the existing water supply and sewerage systems in the Kiewa/ Tangambalanga area. This will involve installing and constructing new pipelines, a water tank, water pumping station and sewer pumping station. These upgrades are being staged to address both the immediate and long term needs of the community. 

2.    How will the upgrade benefit the local community?
These upgrades will ensure that we can improve our capacity to meet the growing needs of the local community and allow for future growth in the area. 

3.    Will the upgrade improve water pressure in the Kiewa/Tangambalanga area?
The upgrades will address both water and sewerage issues and will subsequently improve water pressure in the area.

4.    What disruptions are expected in the local area?
The project is still in the design phase so it is too early to confirm, however there may be some traffic disruptions along the main street of Kiewa during construction. More information can be provided as required.  

5.    What is the project timeline?
The project is being undertaken 3 stages, with the short term stage 1 works completed early in 2022.
The design of the planned upgrades (stage 2 and 3) is expected to be completed over the next 6-12 months with construction commencing in 2023. While the precise order and timing of upgrade works is still to be confirmed it should be as follows; the sewer pumping station and gravity pipeline (Tangambalanga) will be constructed first, followed by the drinking water storage tank and major water delivery pipes, and finishing with a new sewer pressure pipe from Tangambalanga all the way to Baranduda. 

6.    What plans are there for future upgrades in the region?
We have committed to fully upgrading both water and wastewater systems at Kiewa-Tangambalanga over the next 8 years to service long term growth. We are also in the process of developing a masterplan to identify the infrastructure needs for the whole region for the next 50 years. 

7.    I have more questions about this project. Who do I contact?
For any questions you can contact our engagement lead, Lee Morton for all enquiries on 0488603322 or To keep up to date on the project, you can register to join the project email list here.