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In the home

In the home

Top tips to help you be Water Wise in and around your home.

Being careful with how much water you use can help make sure there's enough for everybody. Every drip, drop and splash counts.

  • Limit shower time to 4 minutes (try using a timer or playing a 4-minute song
    take a look at this Spotify playlist)
  • Only use the washing machine and dishwasher when full and on eco mode
  • When washing vegetables, fill the bottom of the sink instead of rinsing them under running water.
  • Always follow the Permanent Water Savings Rules

Visit the Smart Water Advice website to discover other ways to be more water wise in your home.

You can also:

Install a water-efficient showerhead

Based on an average seven-minute shower, 10,000 litres of water per person can be saved each year by installing a water efficient showerhead.

Buy a water-efficient washing machine

If you're buying a new washing machine, make sure it has at least a five-star water efficiency rating and four-star energy rating. Front-loading washing machines are usually the most water-efficient, using up to 50 per cent less water.

Check how much water your appliances use

Install a dual flush toilet

For a family of four, installing a dual flush toilet can save more than 35,000 litres of water a year.

Check for leaks

Just one dripping tap can waste four litres a day. There are some things you can do to check for leaks around your home:

  • Place a cup under each tap while you are out of the house for the day. If there is more than a dribble in each cup when you return, you need to replace the washer.
  • Put a few drops of food dye in the toilet cistern. If in 15 minutes your toilet bowl is anything but pearly white, you have a leak that could be costing you 100 litres per day.

Check for water leaks

More tips to save drips!