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Information about heatwaves and your water supply.

Extreme heat or heatwave is a period of unusual and uncomfortable hot weather that could negatively affect human health. Extreme heat can also affect community infrastructure like water services.

Impact on water supplies

A heatwave poses at least two major risks for water corporations:

  • increased water consumption
  • power failure which may stop us from treating water

How North East Water prepares for heatwaves

In the lead up to a heat wave, we ensure storages are kept full to allow for ongoing supply via the gravity system. We also increase our readiness to respond to any incident that may impact on service delivery.

What you can do

  • Keep hydrated throughout the day
  • Be aware of your water use and conserve water via the use of reduced flow showerheads and tap fittings
  • Water your garden after 9pm to avoid the evening peak of consumption
  • Report leaks and main breaks to North East Water on 1300 361 644.
  • Keep three days water supply in bottles at home (at least three litres per person per day)

For detailed information on heatwave’s visit the Department of Health and Human Services website.

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