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Goorambat water supply upgrade

Goorambat water supply upgrade

We're upgrading parts of Goorambat's water supply system.

Project overview

The Goorambat water supply was included in several assessments undertaken in the North East Water Region earlier this year, focusing on the systems which use water towers.

Following a condition assessment of the town’s water tower, it’s been found that the ageing tank is a safety risk and needs to be decommissioned.

The water tower will soon be removed and replaced by a ground level tank and pumps, changing the system from gravity fed to a pressurised one.

The new tank will be constructed at the same location and its capacity will be unchanged. The pumps will be placed within existing shedding at the site and when in operation, won’t produce noise levels above what is heard at the location currently.

This is the latest upgrade to the Goorambat water system following the connection to the Yarrawonga water network in 2017, and it will provide greater reliability and more stable water quality for the town over the coming decades.

Project stages

The project will occur over several stages.

  • Stage 1 will see an upgrade of the pump station
  • Stage 2 will see the breakdown of the water tank on the tower. During this time Goorambat’s water will be supplied through the tank situated on the ground.
  • Stage 3 will involve the construction and commissioning of the new water tank on the ground on the footprint of the existing tower. The new tank will be flushed prior to bringing it online
  • Stage 4 will involve decommissioning the old water tank on the ground.

What to expect during construction

Construction for this project will be withing the current North East Water site's footprint. Though like any major project, there will some impacts on the community associated with the construction work. This includes:

  • Heavy vehicles – you may see heavy vehicles and construction related vehicles moving to the construction site and on local roads.
  • Noise – you may notice noise from construction activities during certain periods.
  • Dust – you may notice some dust during excavation at the site to lay new pipes. Due to recent weather this is likely to be minimal. 

More information

You can contact North East Water Project Manager Kai Han on 1300 361 622 or via email on