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Water & sewer connection application guidelines

Water & sewer connection application guidelines

Please read this information before completing and returning your water or sewer connection application

  1. Please complete all sections of the application and read the Standard Conditions of Approval. Once read and understood, please sign the Application before emailing to or posting to PO Box 863 Wodonga 3690.  Alternatively, you are welcome to drop it in to Reception at 83 Thomas Mitchell Drive Wodonga between 8.30am and 5pm Monday to Friday.
  2. Please allow TEN business days for approval, processing and return of this application from date of receipt at our office. Applications are processed in the order in which they are received.
  3. The ownership details on the application must match our records. If ownership has recently changed, we may require legal documentation so that our records can be updated prior to us being able to approve the Application. A Notice of Acquisition/Disposition or a copy of Property Title are the acceptable legal documents.
  4. If you are unsure as to what size water meter and/or tapping you require, please discuss requirements with your plumber.
  5. If a property has never been connected to North East Water’s assets before, a New Customer Contribution (NCC) may apply. NCCs apply as a new connection increases the demand on our treatment and supply systems, ultimately requiring upgrades to ensure that customer’s service standards are met. NCCs contributes to the funding to allow this work to be carried out when required.
  6. Please note that the sewerage service fee for the property will start being charged THREE months from the date of approving the Sewer Application. Water service charges will start once the water application has been approved and the plumber has installed the meter on the property.
  7. The invoice for the application fees will be sent to the nominated party after the Application has been approved. The nominated party then has 28 days to pay the invoice and the payment options are shown on the reverse side of the invoice. The plumber can proceed to do the required work once the approval documentation has been received and is not required to wait until the invoice has been paid.
  8. On receipt of an approved Water Connection Application, your plumber can contact the relevant North East Water depot to arrange to collect the meter (and install the tapping if required).

For your information

It is your responsibility to ensure that your new water meter is clear and safely accessible by our meter readers. You can assist us by:

  • Keep surrounding plants trimmed
  • Keep clear access around the meter
  • Ensure that landscaping such as paving or decking are not covering the meter
  • We love dogs, but if there is an unsecured dog near the meter area, our meter readers will not enter to read the meter. In this case, your water use may be estimated
  • We have remote access meters available. These are similar to the meter already at your home or business but it’s fitted with an electronic device that allows the meter to be read by a handheld device outside your property boundary. It’s a good option if your meter is located in a courtyard, enclosed area or if you have a dog. Please contact us on 1300 361 633 to discuss charges and if it’s right for your situation.