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Treated recycled water released at Wangaratta

4 August 2023

Fully treated recycled water from North East Water's wastewater treatment plant at Wangaratta will be routinely released into the Reedy Creek from Friday, 4 August 2023.

The impacts of the wet spring and summer, across the previous 12 months, greatly impacted on irrigation activities, causing storages to be higher than expected leading into winter. In addition, the wet weather has resulted in higher infiltration into the sewer network and inflows to the plant. The combination of both has resulted in full storages, with a wet-weather discharge now required.

There are no impacts to drinking water treatment processes. A monitoring system will take place with the discharge.

We are working with our stakeholders during this period, including: EPA Victoria, North East Catchment Management Authority, Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Action, Goulburn Murray Water, and Rural City of Wangaratta.