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Water bottle guidelines

Water bottle guidelines

Every water bottle application is assessed to make sure it meets the below criteria and benefits the community.

Conditions of water bottle sponsorship

All water bottle sponsorships must meet following criteria:

  • program or event must benefit the community or community/sporting organisations within North East Water's service area
  • applications must be received at least 30 days prior to the program or event
  • bottles must be used to promote the benefits of drinking tap water

North East Water will not provide water bottles to:

  • individuals
  • professional or semi-professional cycling events
  • gambling, gaming or betting events or venues
  • commercial organisations
  • organisations, products or services that denigrate, exclude or offend certain community groups
  • any activity likely to tarnish or diminish the reputation of North East Water.

Post event evaluation

North East Water requires an evaluation of the program/event. This would include details of the numbers, feedback and photographs (with approval for North East Water to reproduce on the website, social media channels or other North East Water publications.)