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Bellbridge water supply upgrade

Bellbridge water supply upgrade

North East Water is upgrading the Bellbridge water treatment plant and pipework that services the town.

Project overview

The Bellbridge Water Supply Upgrade will support the growth of Bellbridge and ensure that there is enough treated water to meet demand on high usage days. It will increase the capacity of the water treatment plant to treat, store and deliver larger volumes of water to town.

What will it involve?

The upgrade will begin by increasing the size of the pipes carrying raw water from Lake Hume to the treatment plant. Sections of the main pipeline from the treatment plant into the town will also be replaced and the work will be ingoing from July 2019 to March 2020 (weather permitting).

The treatment plant will then be extended within the current sit to accommodate additional storage and treatment. This will commence in march 2020 and will take approximately 6 months.

How will this impact you?

We will be minimising impacts to the community where possible. However, we do anticipate some construction impacts. These include:

  • Traffic restrictions on Bethanga bridge. Restrictions to one lane will occur on and off for approximately 4 weeks. We will be working with the contractor and VicRoads to ensure any traffic restrictions are kept to a minimum and outside peak times.
  • Raw water main replacement on Lake Road and Hillcrest Avenue. Works along these road reserves are required to replace aging pipes and reduce the risk of pipeline failures.
  • Pipes along Elizabeth Crescent will be upsized to cater for growth. As part of these works, some property connections will need to be renewed which will require connections a short interruption to the water supply. These will be coordinated with individual property owners.
  • Increased traffic along Lake Road and Hillcrest Avenue due to the water treatment plant upgrade.
North East Water will ensure that impacted areas are reinstated throughout the project.
The total investment for this project is $2.5 million and there will be no additional costs to Bellbridge customers.

Current status

[Insert current status here]

Community consultation

For more information about the project, contact Project Manager Miguel de Oliveira on 1300 361 622.

Community Newsletters:

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