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Beechworth sewer improvement

Beechworth sewer improvement

We're working towards changing parts of Beechworth's sewer system to help resolve the town's sewer capacity issues during heavy rain events.

Project overview

North East Water is continuing to work towards changing parts of Beechworth’s sewer system to prevent the sewer overflowing into the Historic Park during heavy rain events.

Beechworth’s unique granite base limits the soil absorption of rainfall, and during heavy rain events this results in major stormwater flows into the sewer. These heavy flows then cause the sewer system to spill over at an outlet structure on Church Street, resulting in an unacceptable impact on the Beechworth Historic Park. It has been determined that increasing the capacity of the pipe that transfers the sewage to the treatment plant will both protect the environment and allow for future growth of the town.

Since late 2016, we have investigated and considered several options. Following a thorough assessment process and extensive community engagement, it has been determined that a larger sewer transfer pipe will be constructed and will run from the existing outlet in Church Street, along Last Street, Sydney Road and Old Chiltern Road then through to the wastewater treatment plant near Woolshed.

View confirmed route

Current status

Church Street pump station upgrade & Installation of 4.3 km sewer transfer main

We have recently awarded the tender to Longford Civil Pty Ltd as the Principal Contractor to undertake the detailed design and construction of the new transfer system. 

These are the activities expected to occur in the next 12-18 months:

  • Planning Permit conditional approval – received March 21 (final approval is pending detailed design and management plans)
  • Detailed design and management plans – to be finalised May 2021 (any deviations from the design previously shown in October 2019 will be communicated to the community)  
  • Approvals with Indigo Shire and Parks Victoria – to be finalised June 2021
  • Onsite works – from June 2021 to March 2022

Sewage treatment plant upgrade

Following the release of a design and construct tender late last year, it was determined that the project would cost substantially more than the expected capital cost of the upgrade. 

We have decided that the upgrade will not be completed in its current form, however it will be included in our ongoing master planning.

In the interim, temporary works will be completed at the treatment plant to incorporate the new sewage transfer main and there will also be some minor lagoon refurbishment to address odour concerns. We will meet with neighbours of the treatment plant to discuss this further.

New project manager

A new Project Manager was appointed in mid-2020. Nicole O’Keefe has been briefed on previous engagements with the community and made aware of community concerns, particularly with the proposed work along Old Chiltern Road.

Community consultation

We held a community meeting on 7 October 2019 to present the final detailed designs for the pipeline and the preliminary design for the wastewater treatment plant. Each attendee received a copy of the Detailed Designs Plans. North East Water gave an overview of the design, and highlighted where the pipe would be under bored or open trenched. The attendees were able to review the designs and keep a copy (if preferred). The presentation and notes from this meeting are in the Project Documents below.

We will continue to engage with, and inform the community as the project progresses. If the final design is different to what was shown in October 2019, these changes would be communicated to the community. Regular on site meetings during the construction phase will also occur.

For further information on the community engagement for this project, including presentations, newsletters and meeting notes, please click on the “Project documents” button below.

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