Your Meter

Your water meter

Your water meter measures the volume of water you use. Generally it’s positioned in an easy to access location on your property so that you can quickly take readings or turn off water in an emergency.

For a house your water meter is usually towards the street at the front of the property protected by a cover. Contact us if you need assistance locating your water meter.

We need to read and service your meter regularly and you are responsible to make sure there is clear access.

The water meter must not be:

  • buried or partly covered by garden soil or raised garden beds
  • hidden under bushes or shrubs
  • covered by a brick letter-box or similar that prevents access
  • in a below ground pit unless the minimum clearance requirements are met
  • in a below ground pit that is not drained.

If we cannot read your meter, your account will be based on an estimate of your water consumption for the billing period.

Please contact us or phone 1300 361 633 to report a water meter service fault.



Some water meters and pipes are exposed and sit above the ground so they are vulnerable when temperatures are below zero. When water freezes it expands, which can cause a water meter to burst or pipes to split.

If your water meter and/or pipes do freeze the best solution is to wait for the temperature to rise and to naturally unfreeze.

You may be able to find another source of water to pour over the frozen meter or pipe. However boiling or hot water should never be used or it could cause pipe to split. Lukewarm water should be used but it’s better to avoid the situation and protect your water meter from the frost.

Protect your meter from frost

Cover your water meter with something that traps the air around it such as a cardboard box, upturned bucket or a hessian bag placed around the meter. North East Water can also provide a plastic meter cover which can be collected from our Regional Headquarters in Wodonga.  

You must make sure that the cover can be easily removed for meter reading and maintenance.

If your water meter splits or breaks due to frost, call our 24-7 emergency number on 1300 361 644 and we will arrange for a replacement.

Read your water meter

Reading your water meter is a great way to check for leaking pipes on your property.

  • Step 1 - Take a reading before you go to bed at night.
  • Step 2 - Take a second reading before anyone uses any water in the morning.

If no one has used any water overnight and the reading has changed, then you know there is a leak. Contact a plumber to locate and repair the leak.

Click here for a How to Read Your Meter Card.

Calculate your water usage

Your water meter provides a quick and easy means of monitoring your household water consumption, just follow these easy steps:

  • Step 1 - Take an initial meter reading, also noting down the date and time.
  • Step 2 - Take a second reading on the eighth day close to the time that the original reading was taken.
  • Step 3 - Calculate the weekly consumption by deducting the original reading from the second reading.
  • Step 4 - Divide by the number of days between readings (7 in this case) to calculate the daily household usage. Simply divide the last figure by the number of people in the household to get the litres per person per day figure.

Here's a guide to help your understand your water usage.

Water Meter Testing

If you think your meter is reading high, you may request a test.

A fee will be charged, but if the meter is found to be over registering, the fee will be refunded and your account will be corrected.

Meter Tampering

It is an offence for anyone to tamper with a water meter. Only an authorised officer is permitted to remove, repair or replace a water meter.

Please contact us or phone 1300 361 622 to report a water meter service fault.