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Our performance story

Our performance story

For the reporting period July to December 2018.

We have developed key success measures to track our progress for each outcome. Some of these success measures are taken directly from our internal performance data, while others are results from our regular customer perception surveys.

North East Water values your feedback on this process and any improvement suggestions can be sent to

Our water systems

We aim to supply safe and reliable water services to customers, and fix faults quickly and efficiently, while minimising impacts to customers.

How satisfied are customers with the water quality?

Safe to drink
Overall quality of water

How many customers were impacted by a break in our water mains?

Pipe breaks

Customers impacted of 51,000 connections

How long were our customers without water?

Restored within 5 hours (average repair time 100 minutes)

How leaky are our systems?

Water losses (target <10%)

Fast facts about our water systems

  • We operate 20 water treatment plants across north-east Victoria.
  • During 2017-18 over 14,500 megalitres of treated water was supplied to residents and businesses.
  • We fixed 168 water main breaks during 2017-18.

Case study: Schools water efficiency program

The Schools Water Efficiency Program (SWEP) provides school faculty, administrators and students access to up-to-date water consumption information for their school. This is done through an interactive platform which provides access to water consumption data. Schools can save water and money by detecting and rectifying leaks identified through their monitoring of water use.

Schools are normally charged a $300 subscription for accessing the program over three years. In April 2018, North East Water offered to cover the costs of membership, and an additional 25 schools joined the program. Immediate water savings have been realised. Kiewa Valley Primary School identified and rectified a leaking pipe under the school that was losing over 200 litres of water per hour. Since 2012, 154 million litres of water have been saved by the north east Victorian schools participating in the program.

Further information about our water systems

Information about our drinking water services, restrictions, outlooks and drought management.

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Our sewer systems

We aim to provide reliable sewer systems to customers, while minimising our impact on the environment.

How many customers were impacted by a blockage from our sewer mains?

Sewer blockages

Customers impacted of 46,000 connections

How long did it take to repair a sewer break?

Restored within 5 hours (average repair time was 92 minutes)

Fast facts about our sewer systems

  • We operate 21 sewage treatment facilities throughout the region as well as one trade waste treatment plant.
  • During 2017-18 we treated 9,700 megalitres of sewage.

Case study: Breweries on the increase

In recent years, north-east Victoria has seen significant growth in the boutique beer industry. North East Water is an important player in the planning stages of any new brewery as careful consideration needs to be given to our sewer networks.

Breweries produce high strength waste which can affect how our treatment plants operate. When a new brewery is built we assess a number of factors. These include the volume and strength of the waste that will be produced. Typically, for every litre of beer produced, 7 litres of wastewater is discharged to sewer. Where possible we can adapt our plants to treat the extra waste.

North East Water has seen an increase in all industrial sewage flows in recent years. We have invested in several sewer treatment plant upgrades to adapt to our growing regions.

Further information about our sewer systems

Learn about how we transfer sewage from customers' properties to treatment plants.

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Customer service

We will focus on providing exceptional customer service where enquiries are resolved promptly and our customers are supported.

How satisfied are our customers with our customer service?

Target 90%

How do we support our customers?

Number of customers embracing payment plans to help household budgeting

Fast facts about our customers

  • Our local call centre staff answered 48,583 calls during 2017-18
  • 94% of those calls were answered in 30 seconds
  • 73% of people paid their water bill on time in 2017-18, with 19% paying on the reminder notice
  • We restrict less than 1% of customers per year.

Case study: Customer support program

North East Water acknowledges that there are complex social-economic factors in our communities and occasionally customers may experience some form of financial hardship. We believe that customers experiencing financial difficulty who have the intention to pay will do so if given the appropriate support. This is why we have a Customer Support Program in place to assist customers before debt becomes unmanageable.

During 2017/18 we financially assisted 106 customers as part of the program which included assistance in water audits and plumbing work to help reduce water usage. The main reasons customers’ experienced financial difficulty included:

  • long term financial difficulties
  • domestic violence, and
  • detectable or undetectable leaks

Further information about our customer support program

We can help if you're having trouble paying your water bill.

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We commit to reducing our environmental footprint and contributing to a more sustainable future.

How are we helping the environment

target: 10% emission reduction via sewage treatment efficiencies by 30/6/19

Case study: Yackandandah’s solar powered water treatment plant

In conjunction with the Intelligent Water Network (IWN), North East Water established Victoria’s first water treatment plant powered by solar and battery storage at Yackandandah in October 2017. The 40kW photovoltaic solar array and 42kWh lithium ion battery bank generates sufficient power and generally stores enough energy to operate the plant independently of the mains power grid.

Being grid-connected and driven by smart energy management software, the system can also export power to the grid when electricity prices peak, and draw power from the grid when prices fall, further reducing power bills. The battery bank also avoids the need for a back-up diesel generator to cover grid black-outs and brown-outs. As a member of the community coalition Totally Renewable Yackandandah, the Corporation pledged to power local operations with 100% renewable energy by 2022.

Further information about how we support the environment

Learn about how we help keep local farms, sporting fields and parks green by using reclaimed water.

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Learn more about our pasture and cattle farms across north-east Victoria.

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