Schools Programs and Resources

Schools Programs and Resources

Schools Programs & Resources

Our Education & Awareness Officer is available to support your water unit in your classroom with these hands on activities:

  • Water Cycle Stations – move around stations demonstrating the movement of water through various elements of the water cycle
  • Water Tournament – which water use is the most important?
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment - uses a coloured landscape model to demonstrate the urban water cycle – water treatment and wastewater treatment
  • Water Filtering – what contaminants are in our water? Students participate in a simple water filtering activity
  • Never Ever – a lucky dip of what should and should not go down our drains. How else should these items be disposed of?
  • Showerhead Efficiency – compare 3 different showerheads to determine the most efficient showerhead for our homes
  • Water Issues - students use cups and buckets to work through a scenario highlighting water issues currently faced

We can also present on a range water related topics such as water efficiency, water issues or water treatment. 

Check out the presentation booking form to determine what best suits your needs or contact education@newater.com.au.

External Resources

There are many resources available for regional schools and the wider community to learn more about our catchment, urban water operations and sustainable water use.

Click on the links below for more information on teacher resources.

Presentations and Activities

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