Accredited Contractors

Who is an accredited contractor?

The term 'accredited contractor' refers to an individual contractor or contracting company who have been granted accreditation by North East Water to either;

  • Extend or alter any North East Water sewer or water asset, or
  • Repair or replace any North East Water sewer or water main, either on behalf of North East Water or as part of an approved development.

The objective of the accreditation system is to ensure contractors undertaking any work on North East Water infrastructure are suitably qualified, licenced, insured and experienced.

Accreditation Process

To become an accredited contractor, applicants need to demonstrate they are suitably qualified and licenced and provide evidence outlining experience, skills and knowledge applicable to carrying out works on North East Water infrastructure.

To apply for accreditation download the Contractor Application Form below. Submit the application form with supporting documents to North East Water for assessment. You will be advised in writing the outcome of your accreditation application.

Works that require an Accredited Contractor

Work Type Who can do this type of work
Water Main Tapping Victorian Licenced Plumber
Water Main Extension NEW Accredited Contractor
Connection from the Water Meter (domestic Water) Victorian Licenced Plumber
Sewer Cut-in NEW Accredited Contractor
Sewer main Extension NEW Accredited Contractor
Sewer manhole NEW Accredited Contractor
House Drainage line (connection to the jump-up) Victorian Licenced Plumber

Sub-contractors retained to undertake any portion of the works must also be an Accredited Contractor with North East Water.

Accreditation is not required for plumbing work that connects to a properties legal connection point. The guiding requirement in these situations is Australian Standards 3500. This work must be carried out by a suitably qualified and licenced plumber.

For customers needing to directly employ an accredited contractor to undertake work such as a water or sewer main extensions contact details of all North East Water Accredited Contractors can be found in the Approved Accredited Contractors List below.

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