Land Development

What is Land Development?

North East Water terms a “development” to include all aspects of any land or building development that relates to water supply services including: drinking and recycled water and sewerage services.

This relates to any residential (including subdivisions), industrial and commercial developments and also individual customers seeking connection to water/sewerage services. The requirements of North East Water for different developments will vary with respect to the size, location and complexity of individual developments and will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Subdivisions & Non-Subdivisions

Information about Sub Divisions and Non-Subdivisions

Land Development Manual

Information about the Land Development Manual

Pressure Sewer

Information about pressure sewers

Static Pressure Reading / Flow and Pressure Test

Information about Static Pressure Reading / Flow and Pressure Test

Accredited Contractors

Details of our accredited contractors

As Constructed Plans

Information about As Constructed Plans

GIS Digital Data Request

Information about how to make a GIS Digital Data request.

Fees & Charges

Information on our fees and charges


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