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Wodonga drinking water information

25 February 2021

You may have heard about the discoloured water issues being experienced by some Albury residents.

Their water is supplied by our friends at AlburyCity and the discolouration issue is caused by elevated levels of a mineral called manganese which has come from bushfire effected catchments into Lake Hume.

Some of our customers have asked why people across the river have discoloured drinking water and Wodonga residents have no issue.

This is because AlburyCity draws straight from the Murray, while North East Water sources its water from Wodonga Creek.

Wodonga Creek is an anabranch of the Murray River, and as it is also partly fed by the Kiewa River, our source water is diluted and doesn’t have the same level of manganese.

We will continue to monitor this issue closely over the coming weeks and if there is any change, our treatment processes will be adjusted to help reduce any affect.

Please be assured that all drinking water supplied by North East Water is safe to consume.

Click here for more information about the discolured water issue in Albury.