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Water Wise garden preparations now ahead of summer

30 September 2019

Communities across north-east Victoria are being asked to start preparing their gardens now ahead of the coming summer.

North East Water is hoping customers start making their gardens more water wise, to help reduce usage when the weather heats up.

Managing Director, Craig Heiner, said approximately 50% of drinking water is used outside during hotter months.

“Simple things like fixing drips and leaks around the home or garden can make a huge difference”, Mr Heiner said.

“Mulch can reduce water evaporation by 70 per cent and it’s a relatively cost effective option to help keep plants healthy and happy.

“Larger investments like installing rain water tanks, drip irrigation and grey water systems can also reduce water usage considerably.

“If you’re designing a new garden or revamping an existing one, we have lots of useful information on our website to inspire a drought tolerant outdoor space.

“A water wise garden not only helps save a precious resource, it also has a greater ability to survive in our changing climate.”

Water storages are in a relatively good position for this time of year, however if there’s low rainfall this spring followed by a dry summer, water restrictions may be needed in several towns across the north-east.

Mr Heiner said, “We’re likely to make a call on restrictions in December as we are still assessing water usage, storage levels and river flows along with rainfall and temperature outlooks”

“We would like to remind customers that permanent water saving rules apply even when there’s no restrictions.

“They're compulsory common sense rules that encourage the efficient use of water and apply to all towns in our region.”

Mr Heiner added, “In dry conditions, it's important to know where your water is sourced, how much allocation is available and how much is in storage.”

“You can find all this information on our website, and from 1 December the site will include each town’s outlook for summer showing the likelihood of restrictions.”