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Water restrictions on the way

30 January 2020

North East Water is advising customers that water restrictions may soon be implemented in some areas across its service region if usage isn’t reduced.

Water usage increased dramatically in December compared to historical levels in previous years.

Managing Director, Craig Heiner, said people were using large volumes in December that we normally see in late January or February.

“This increased usage puts pressure on our storages and river extractions, which means we’re close to reaching restriction trigger points for some towns”, Mr Heiner said

“We were originally forecasting we wouldn’t need additional water saving measures this year.

“However, under revised outlooks, it’s likely that without decent rainfall, several smaller towns will go to stage 1 or 2 restrictions in the coming weeks including Moyhu, Oxley and Whitfield.”

Mr Heiner added, “We appeal to all our customers, no matter where they live, to take action to reduce consumption in these dry conditions.”

“Our region is in a better position than other parts of the country and we shouldn’t take it for granted as there’s a chance that water saving measures will be need for all our towns next summer.

“We would hope that people don’t need a formal regulation like restrictions to cut back on water use – particularly outdoors.

“Things like watering your garden in the heat of the day is a waste of water – and money – as 85% evaporates before it reaches plant roots.

“Our new website has great water saving information and people can also take a look at each town’s updated water outlooks and weekly water usage.”

Permanent Water Saving Rules are in place across the region which are compulsory water saving measures aimed at reducing consumption.

Under the rules, customers must use a trigger nozzle on hoses, only use watering systems and sprinklers between 6pm and 10am, and never hose concrete paths.

More information on the rules can be found here.