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Water conservation saves more than just water

17 January 2018

Communities and businesses across North East Victoria are encouraged to conserve water this summer, not only to save precious water resources, but to help address climate change.

North East Water is encouraging customers to use less water to help reduce the amount of carbon emissions created in the production of drinking water and the treatment of sewage.

Managing Director, Craig Heiner, said when customers turn on the tap or flush the toilet, carbon emissions are produced as a result of the energy used.

"The average household in our service region uses around 1,000 litres of water per day and produces around 700 litres of waste", Mr Heiner said.

"Our pumps and treatment plants use an enormous amount of energy to produce and deliver drinking water and treat sewage.

"Region wide, the Corporation uses 57,000 kilowatts of power every day which is the same amount of energy used by 3500 households.

"That’s equivalent to the towns of Chiltern, Tallangatta, Mt Beauty and Beechworth, combined.

"We produce approximately 23,000 tonnes of carbon per year which is the same as driving 10,000 cars for a whole year."

Mr Heiner added, "We’re asking customers to do their bit to reduce water usage to decrease emissions, however the Corporation is also working to slash its energy use dramatically."

"We’re aiming to cut our carbon emissions by 42 per cent within seven years, by installing more renewable energy sources and investing in more efficient machinery and operating processes.

"This is part of a whole-of-water-sector pledge to achieve net-zero emissions before 2050."