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Small change to Myrtleford water supply

15 November 2019

North East Water is making a small change to the way it treats Myrtleford’s drinking water supply.

Executive Operations, John Day, said the Corporation will adjust the way it controls the pH level of the drinking
water, allowing more stability over chlorine dosing.

“Residential customers may notice slightly softer water when they turn on the tap, which means soaps will lather
more easily”, Mr Day said.

“The Myrtleford water treatment plant has been in operation for eight years, and this is a small tweak to the way it

“This new method is the same process now being used at the Bright treatment plant and we’ve found it’s a much
better way to keep chlorine levels at a steady level.”

Mr Day added, “The Myrtleford community played a large role in deciding how their water would be treated back in
2011, to ensure clean, safe drinking water.”

“We’re confident that they’ll embrace this new change, as it allows us to continue to keep chlorine at low levels
with no compromise to water quality.”

The Corporation will trial the new process until June 2019, with the expectation it will be made permanent.