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Rutherglen and Wahgunyah asked to flush the 3p’s

21 August 2020

North East Water is urging Rutherglen and Wahgunyah customers not to flush wet wipes or personal hygiene products down the toilet following a rise in sewer blockages within the towns.

The Corporation estimates over 90% of sewer blockages are caused by wipes or other sanitary items.

Executive Customer & Culture, Marni Jones, said people should remember, that only the 3P’s should go down the loo – pee, poo and (toilet) paper.

“Everything else, including wet wipes and tampons, should be put in the bin”, Ms Jones said.

“Wipes, pads and tampons don’t break down like toilet paper and they clog sewerage systems by accumulating and causing obstructions. 

“A major blockage within a domestic plumbing system could end up costing a resident thousands of dollars to fix.”

Ms Jones added, “It’s not only households that are affected, with the screen at our treatment plant becoming clogged with these types of products.”

“Our operations teams have to physically remove the tangled mess, sometimes having to use power saws to cut it free.

“We’re aiming to make customers aware of the problems associated with not following the 3P’s rule, and we ask that they do the right thing and throw wipes and sanitary items in the bin.”