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New standpipes for easy access to treated water in  Bright and Myrtleford

2 May 2019

North East Water is preparing for the possibility of another drought with the installation of two new standpipes in
Bright and Myrtleford.

The new standpipes at the Bright water treatment plant in Freeburgh and on Buffalo River Road in Myrtleford will
give rural communities easier access to treated drinking water.

Manager Customer Service, Debbie Mackinlay said most of our standpipe customers live on farms that aren’t
connected to town water supplies.

“With drought conditions forecast, these extra locations will make it simpler for people to supplement their water
needs”, said Ms Mackinlay.

“During dry times it can be really stressful for rural property owners when rain water tanks run empty and we hope
these new standpipes will be of great benefit during drought periods.”

Ms Mackinlay added, “The new standpipes are high-tech and allow greater control and easier customer access.”

“Customers are issued with a small metal key which can be pre-charged online with a certain amount of water
usage, similar to a prepaid phone card.

“Not only do the new units off greater billing flexibility, they are really quick to use.

“Water carters are telling us they can now load their tankers in around half the time it took using older style units.

“We now have 12 standpipes located in north-east Victoria, and along with several council operated standpipes,
we feel that there is good coverage across the region.

For more information on standpipes, customers can visit