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Huge new water tank completed in Beechworth

4 January 2018

North East Water has started using a new 3.5 million litre water storage tank in Beechworth as part of a major project to support the town's increasing population.

Construction of the $1.9 million tank near the Corporation's existing water treatment plant on Dingle Road took approximately 12 months.

Executive Planning and Infrastructure, Kevin Freeman, said the new tank doubles the town's storage capacity of treated water.

"This additional storage will provide much needed supply resilience, improve operational flexibility and support continued growth", Mr Freeman said.

"The town's population is growing at a steady rate and we needed to make sure we were able to supply the town well into the future.

"The benefits of the tank will be most effective in the summer when water usage increases with rising temperatures.

"We'll be able to store more water ahead of peak periods, reducing pressure on our operators who in the past had limited time to respond to treatment issues during peak periods.

"This is a major piece of infrastructure for the town and will be servicing generations of customers for the next 100 years."

Mr Freeman added, "The new tank will also allow us to be more energy efficient in our operations."

"We'll be able to treat and then store water when the price of electricity is at its lowest, reducing our power costs considerably."

The water storage tank is approximately 30 metres in diameter, 6 metres high and holds the equivalent of 3 Olympic size swimming pools.