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Heatwave prompts water conservation awareness ahead of next summer

25 January 2019

North East Water is looking ahead to next summer with planning underway for the possibility of another dry year with low rainfall.

The current heatwave has pushed water usage to the highest levels in a decade and customers are being urged to keep water conservation top of mind.

Managing Director, Craig Heiner, said as temperatures climb, people are using their evaporative coolers and watering their gardens more often.

“Wodonga is using around 50,000,000 litres per day, jumping 20 per cent on a typical summer’s day and we’re seeing that percentage increase replicated in most other towns across the service region”, Mr Heiner said.

“Our water storages and allocations are in a good position mid-way through this summer, but if we have another dry winter and spring, but it could be a different story towards the end of the year.

“There’s a possibility that water restrictions may be needed if there’s low rainfall and high temperatures.

“We’ll be keeping a very close eye on modelling and forecasts over the next nine months before any decision is made on restrictions.

“As we go through this hot weather and move into the cooler months, it’s important to remember the less water customer’s use now means more water will be available next summer.”

Mr Heiner added, “Even though average water usage is trending up, it’s still lower than what customers were using before the millennium drought.”

“This shows customers are still conscious of how they use water and we want to encourage people not to slip back into old habits.

“Our website has some good tips on how to save water, particularly outdoors where large amounts of water can be wasted.”

For more information on how to save water, click here.