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Have a water wise summer

17 December 2019

As we head into summer, North East Water is urging customers to keep a close eye on their water consumption.

Managing Director, Craig Heiner, said the forecast is for a drier and hotter than average summer.

“The climate is changing and right now is the time to start taking water conservation seriously”, Mr Heiner said.

“Although water restrictions are not expected in any of our towns this summer, they may be needed in 2020-21 if the dry conditions continue.

“For most towns across our service region, the more water people can save in the coming months, means more water will be available in the following year, reducing the likelihood of restrictions.”

Mr Heiner added, “Some people have asked us why restrictions aren’t being implemented immediately.”

“We have a team that looks at the scenarios and conditions for each of our towns to assess the need for restrictions.

“It monitors water usage, storage levels and river flows which are then combined with river flow, rainfall and temperature outlooks from the Bureau of Meteorology.

“Despite the hot and dry forecast, we’ve started with relatively good storage levels and were able to access unused allocations from last summer.

“We don’t want to put restrictions in place until they are absolutely necessary and we remind customers that being water wise is similar to bushfire preparedness.

“You shouldn’t start thinking about a fire plan when a fire is at your doorstep and you shouldn’t wait until a drought before saving water.

“People can utilise our new website for great water saving information. They can also take a look at each town’s summer water outlooks and weekly water usage.”

Mr Heiner said, “We would also like to remind people that the Permanent Water Saving Rules are in place across the region which are compulsory water saving measures aimed at reducing consumption.”

“They include using a trigger nozzle on your hose, only using watering systems and sprinklers between 6pm and 10am, and not hosing concrete paths.