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Be Water Wise - every drop counts 

10 October 2019

AlburyCity, North East Water and Greater Hume Shire have joined forces to encourage local communities to be Water Wise as dry conditions continue to place pressure on the region’s storages.

The campaign will be formally launched tomorrow, when AlburyCity and North East Water will sign a Memorandum of Understanding to guide the way the campaign will be run.

Greater Hume Shire Council, which sources its water from AlburyCity, is supporting the campaign.

Although compulsory water restrictions are not in force, the agencies are appealing to the community to remember that “every drop counts”.

AlburyCity Mayor Kevin Mack has urged residents and business owners to be Water Wise by following simple steps to cut the city’s consumption rate.

“By avoiding things such as watering gardens in the heat of day or hosing driveways, we can all work together to make a collective difference,” he said.

“The outlook indicates we’re in for a long period of hot, dry weather which is why it’s important we set an example as a community and do our bit to conserve our precious water resources.”

North East Water Managing Director, Craig Heiner, said the Corporation was pleased to be working with its cross-border water counterparts in promoting the Water Wise message.

“We’re hoping that communities on both sides of the river can unite to voluntarily conserve as much water as possible, despite any differences in state allocations and regulations,” Mr Heiner said.

“It’s important to remember that all water saved this coming summer can effectively be ‘banked’ through allocations to be used the following summer.”

Greater Hume Shire Council Mayor Heather Wilton is also encouraging her shire’s residents to be Water Wise.

“Although we as councils use only a small fraction of the total water in the system, it is important that we all do the right thing to save what we can and make a statement about the importance of reducing our water consumption,” she said.

Any compulsory restrictions would be implemented in consultation between the agencies and state government authorities.

At this time, water allocations to North East Water and the councils remain relatively high, meaning restrictions are not yet necessary but the situation will be regularly reviewed in the months ahead.