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Our performance story

Our performance story

For the report period July to December 2019.

Set in consultation with the Essential Services Commission and our customers during the Price Submission process in 2017, these measures and metrics are taken from our internal performance data and the customer perception surveys we conduct on a regular basis.

Our customers are at the core of everything we do, and we are committed to being efficient, responsive and reliable. We value your feedback on this process and any improvement suggestions can be sent to

Our water systems

We have committed to the supply of safe and reliable water services, and fix faults quickly and efficiently, while minimising impacts to customers.

How satisfied are customers with the water quality?

Overall water quality
Safe to drink

How many customers were impacted by a break in our water mains?

Customers impacted of 52,322 connections

Pipe breaks

How long were our customers without water?

Restored within 5 hours (average repair time 96 minutes)

How leaky are our systems?

Water losses (target <10%)

Case Study: Region-wide Water Wise campaign

With ongoing dry conditions, we have undertaken a major public awareness campaign to promote water conservation. The ‘Water Wise’ campaign encourages water wise practices and aims to educate customers about their town’s supply systems, storages and usage.

The campaign has also been shared with neighbouring water corporations and councils as a collaborative means of in promoting similar water efficiency messaging to residents.

Further information about our water systems

Information about our drinking water services, restrictions, outlooks and drought management.

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Our sewer systems

We provide reliable sewer systems to customers, whilst minimising our impact on the environment.

How many customers were impacted by a blockage from our sewer mains?

Sewer blockages

Customers impacted of 47,506 connections

How long did it take to repair a sewer break?

Restored within 5 hours (average repair time was 129 minutes)

Case study: Efficient blowers reduce treatment costs

Following the installation of efficient blowers at the Wodonga Sewage Treatment Plant (our largest treatment facility), we have seen a notable decrease in the plant’s power consumption.

After nearly 12 months of operation, electricity usage has reduced by around 80 kWh/day, or approximately 700,000 kWh for the year. This equates to 756 fewer tonnes of CO2 emissions.

Further information about our sewer systems

Learn about how we transfer sewage from customers' properties to treatment plants.

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Customer service

We are committed to providing exceptional customer service in which enquiries are resolved promptly and our customers are supported.

How satisfied are our customers with our customer service?

Target 90%

How do we support our customers?

Number of customers embracing payment plans to help household budgeting

Case study: Standpipe network overhaul

Our drought preparations have included the upgrade and expansion of our standpipe network. These new high-tech standpipes provide rural communities with easier access to treated drinking water and makes it simpler to supplement their water needs.

As part of our upgrade, an extra six standpipes were installed at new locations across the region.

North East Water provides fifteen standpipes across our service region - read more here.

Further information about our customer support program

We can help if you're having trouble paying your water bill.

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We commit to reducing our environmental footprint and contribute to a more sustainable future.

How are we helping the environment

North East Water has met its carbon reduction target for this period.

Case study: Solar farm to power sewage treatment

As part of a commitment to reduce our carbon footprint, planning is well underway on a three megawatt solar farm to power Wodonga’s sewage treatment plant. Approximately 10,000 solar panels will be installed. Excess electricity will be fed into the grid to help offset power usage at other North East Water facilities.

The project is scheduled for completion in 2021.

Further information about how we support the environment

Learn about how we help keep local farms, sporting fields and parks green by using reclaimed water.

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Learn more about our pasture and cattle farms across north-east Victoria.

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